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Our week at Mill House Nursery

In Baby Room this week we have been using tipping and pouring movements to develop our physical and mathematical development. The children love sensory messy play so a lot of this has been incorporated into our play this week. We have explored the different sounds the cereal has made while we it’s being crushed and moved around the tray. The children also loved exploring the edible play with their tastebuds too, eating as much as they could!

In Toddler Room we have spent lots of time outside this week, developing our gross motor skills. We have been busy jumping over the connecting pipes, bouncing on the trampoline, zooming around on bikes and scooters, climbing up the ladder and sliding down the slide. The children have also shown an interest in small world play, so a new small world area has been created for them to explore.

In Pre-School we celebrated National Fairytale Day. We read lots of traditional fairytales and the children decided that their favourite was Jack and the Beanstalk. The children then learnt to spell their names by adding leaves in the correct order down the beanstalk. We also played a counting game where the beanstalk grew and the child with the most leaves at the top of their stalk wins! Finally, we created our own fairytale by using story jigsaws.

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